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E-Management: Energy at work - Energy rapidly regenerated.
More uptime, shorter charging times. Because of the highly efficient axle, each battery charge lasts longer and the charging process is faster. Depending on the battery capacity charging takes between 5.5 and 7.5 hours (utilising high-frequency charging equipment and electrolytic recirculation.) A new high-frequency on-board charger unit is optionally available for charging. The battery in situ on the truck, which also enables recharging without reverse polarity, safely and quickly. This is good for the working schedules and good for the battery. If the high-frequency on-board charging option is not selected Linde offers five optional methods of rapid battery changing to suit the customer’s individual requirements. Whether lifting or rolling the battery out sideways or hoisting out vertically, Linde has a battery changing solution that addresses the customer’s needs. With the new Linde intelligent battery management system, errors in handling the battery are virtually eliminated; there is no danger of fitting the wrong battery or fitting the poles the wrong way round, no deep discharging and no overcharging.

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